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Explore West 61 Amenities

Experience everything West 61 has to offer with a variety of amenities right outside your door, achieving the perfect balance of relaxation and opportunities to get active. Hit the court for a game of Pickleball or find your “om” at the Yoga Studio. Sit back and relax at the Library and Theatre or enjoy the great outdoors with your choice of two BBQ & Lounge Areas and a Full Playground.


Exterior Pickleball Court

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, you’ll find plenty to love about our pickleball court, so grab your paddles and head over to our court for fast-paced, fun-filled pickleball action!


Walking Paths

Experience beautifully manicured paths, which wind their way through the lush, verdant landscaping and offer stunning views of the area. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful, meditative stroll or a more vigorous walk, you’ll love hitting our trails. 


BBQ & Lounge Area

Discover the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying a delicious meal with friends and loved ones. With comfortable seating and a variety of tables and chairs to choose from, you’ll find plenty of space to spread out and relax while you fire up the grill.


Meeting Room

Enjoy a spacious, modern meeting room that’s perfect for hosting meetings, events, and gatherings of all sizes. With its stylish furnishings and clean, contemporary lines, this meeting room is the perfect blend of form and function.


Games Room

Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your leisure time? Look no further than our games room. Filled with all your favorite games and activities, this spacious, well-equipped room is the perfect place to let off steam and have a great time.



This peaceful, quiet space is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and lose yourself in a good book. Filled to the brim with all your favorite novels, non-fiction titles, and more, our library is the ultimate destination for book lovers.


Multipurpose Room with Full Kitchen​

Our versatile, multi-purpose room is ready for all your events and gatherings. Featuring a small, well-equipped kitchen, comfortable seating, and plenty of natural light, this room is the ideal spot for hosting parties, meetings, and other events.


Fitness Centre

Featuring top-of-the-line equipment, our fitness centre is the perfect place to get in shape and stay healthy. Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or new to the fitness scene, you’ll find plenty to love at our fitness centre.


Yoga Studio

Discover a sanctuary of tranquility at our yoga studio, where the mind, body, and soul unite in perfect harmony. Immerse yourself in a world of serenity in our spacious yoga studio to practice your asanas in peace and tranquility.


Shared Rooftop Deck BBQ & Lounge Area

Whether you’re looking to soak up some sun, enjoy a refreshing breeze, grill up a meal, or just sit back and enjoy the view, you’ll find plenty to love about this cozy, comfortable space. Our shared rooftop deck BBQ & lounge area is the ultimate destination for outdoor relaxation. 


Large Playground

Located in a sunny, secluded corner of our luxury condo property, you’ll find a large playground area that’s sure to become a hit with children aged 2-12. Whether they’re climbing, swinging, or sliding, they’ll find plenty to do in this well-equipped playground.


Theatre Room

Featuring comfortable seating, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, and a large screen, our theater room is the ultimate destination for entertainment. Have fun with friends and loved ones while enjoying comfortable seating and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.


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